I (Ben Cissell) was invited to my first vintage race in 2009. It was the Gold Cup at VIR (Danville, VA). I had always read about vintage racing in the magazines, and had just assumed by the photographs that they were doing parade laps or choreographed races around the tracks. I was amazed to see that the cars were truly being raced. I had been to several auto races in my past, but had never been to a track so beautiful. I was so taken by this event that I immediately thought we needed to do something to promote this sport more. I thought, ʻIf I am a sports car guy and have no idea what vintage racing is, then the majority of the car world population must be in the same boat.ʼ

So from that moment forward, I would follow the Zapata guys and film their adventures any chance I could. We would post the videos on the internet and just have a great time. My then 6 year old son told me I should put all of the videos together and make a movie...out of the mouths of babes. So that is how Vintage Racing Today was born. 

My idea was to follow the Zapata guys for 1 year and put together a “SURF” style movie about Vintage Racing. It would be part documentary and part promotional piece that would hopefully be as visually stunning as the racing itself. Zapata liked the idea, but were reluctant to be featured. They said, “We are nothing special, we are just your average middle-of-the-pack vintage racing enthusiasts...” to which I quickly replied, “Exactly! That is what the movie needs to truly capture the spirit of vintage racing.” 

We pulled our resources together and ventured off into making a movie, not at all knowing what would happen or who we would meet. We could not have scripted a better outcome. The community really embraced this project, and all of the racers and sanctioning bodies were willing to help. We filmed for one year, reviewed all the footage and thought we should include other events. We were having so much fun we didnʼt want to stop. Finally, we agreed that the Gold Cup would be the last event filmed.

So for the last 5 months, I have been editing some of the best racing footage I have ever seen. This is a low budget labor of love movie created with the hopes that it will expose this great hobby of vintage racing to a new group of future vintage racing enthusiasts.